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IPLI aims to bridge the gap between established and aspiring policy makers in order to effectively and sustainably transmit knowledge and wisdom from one generation to the next.

Over the course of the academic year, IPLI features a series of influential international policy makers, both practicing and retired, who provide their insights and expertise in a closed conference format.

The format is simple and effective - a relevant policy maker is invited to give a lecture on a pressing policy issue to small groups of international students, academics and researchers. The lecture occurs in an academic setting, thereby enabling a free and in depth exchange of ideas on the issues being discussed. Such seminars enable privileged opportunities for students and academics to learn from policy makers. They also offer policy makers the chance to potentially gain new perspectives from an international body of up and coming future leaders.

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Cybersecurity : New Frontiers for Policy Making and Global Governance GDI Foundation

At the event, GDI Foundation shared its expertise regarding the impact of cyber issues on public policy and global governance.

This interactive symposium with students was an innovative illustration of what can be achieved when cyber experts and public policy students brainstorm collectively to attempt to solve challenges.

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