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Stepping up EU-Turkey Cooperation on Support of Refugees, Migration Management and on Counter-Terrorism

IPLI co-organized this timely conference in cooperation with the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) in Louvain-la-neuve following the 13 November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris. Experts from the European Commission, the Center for Middle Eastern Strategic Studies and the Turkish Red Crescent participated.

Malta Mediterranean Forum on Governance

IPLI continues to cooperate with the University of Malta in the ongoing Malta Mediterranean Forum on Governance project. New joint initiatives are underway in 2016.

Symposia Series

Through its ongoing Symposia Series, IPLI aims to bridge the gap between established and aspiring policy makers to transmit knowledge from one generation to the next.

EPPC 2015: From Russia with Love? Eastern Europe Between Integration, Cooperation, & Confrontation

The IPLI Foundation sponsored the 7th annual EPPC conference which took place in Warsaw in cooperation with the Hertie School of Governance and the Institute of Economic Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The Tejo Conference Series

The Tejo Conference series is held in cooperation with Lusíada University in Lisbon. With each new iteration, the Tejo conference aims to examine a unique dimension of international security questions.

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